Thursday, June 14, 2012

Update on Bailey (formally Star)

Star (now Bailey) was one of Sage's puppies.  We still have a brother and sister left in her litter. They are very smart as well as adorable!  We love hearing from our puppy parents!
Hi Sandi & Jack

Here is an update on Bailey. (formally Star)

He is now 6 months old, and a solid little boy at 14 Lbs. 4 Oz. at his weigh in at the Vet. on May 21st when he was neutered. We are so happy we have him. He is just the most wonderful puppy... very smart, and well behaved. He loves everyone, and socializes well with other dogs. He is so beautiful, with his multi coloring. That is the first thing we hear from everyone that sees him. Oh, is he beautiful, and that face. He actually looks quite different now than he did as a puppy. His multi coloring is gorges. We are so glad we came to you to get our puppy. He is so precious. He adjust well to any situation, as nothing seems to faze him. He struggled a little with the potty thing at first. but is just great now. He travels with us to the lake .... a 4 hr. trip and never fusses, he actually loves to go for a ride. He has become a Momma's Boy. We are so glad we decided to take the trip to Indiana and get him, even though we came to look at his litter mate and the other litter you had at the time. We know he was the puppy for us, as he kissed us and said take me home, I'm your dog. Ha ! I remember you saying you could not get a good picture of him for your web site. Those that might have passed on him, could see him now.

We also enjoyed our visit with both of you, and maybe we can see you again sometime. Thanks for raising wonderful puppies. Our camera is bad since I dropped it, so the color is not as good as it should be.

Don & Karen

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