Saturday, June 6, 2009


We are staying really busy right now with two litters. Sophie's pups are now five
weeks old and Kitzi's will soon be three weeks old. They are all such cuties and we
do not have any trouble at all with socializing them. My husband always has one
on his lap while watching tv at night. The grandkids are always asking to play with
them. Sophie's shichon pups are getting their own personalities and romping and wrestling
with toys now. Kitzi's shichon pups are just beginning to waddle around with wobbly little

On top of keeping busy with the pups it is now time for summer haircuts for the
adults. Most of them stand quite still for grooming, however, there are a few that
just do not like the sound of the clippers or the look of the scissors! They look
really cute cut short in my opinion, and much cooler and easier to keep clean.

We welcome visitors to show off our shichon teddy bear puppies. Stop by and
see us sometime!


Home of the Sensational Shichons

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